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IR Devil's Club: Review

Author: Matthew Brook

Immersion Research: Devil's Club

Before I get to the Devil’s Club review, I should definitely clarify: I get my Immersion Research stuff on a pro deal. I have distinct incentive to tell you that IR is amazing! Frankly though, all reviews are biased and comparison is a crude science at the best of times, but if you want to use this to inform your buying decisions then at least I’ve warned you!

The Immersion Research Devils Club Drysuit: Atomic Blue

First off, a quick word about Immersion Research as a company. Whilst the “by paddlers, for paddlers” line of marketing is hardly a USP in our sport, for IR it absolutely holds true. They are a company who care about people and about providing an outstanding service. Both the EU team manager Mark and the distribution powerhouse that is Aaron and Rhona, are kind, community-focused people. 

As to the kit itself, all I have is my experience – that of someone who spends upwards of two-hundred days annually on the water. I have had 4 IR drysuits in nine years and each one has survived a battering. One had the shoulder torn open by an infamous Gorilla, but was mercifully stitched back together by the lovely repairs team at IR and is still going strong in the hands of one of my friends.

"My Devil’s Club has proven to be the most rugged and functional, not to mention stylish, piece of gear I have ever owned"

Most recently, for the past (outrageously wet) season, my Devil’s Club has proven to be the most rugged and functional, not to mention stylish, piece of gear I have ever owned. There are no frills – just a simple design, executed well. But the result is a suit that can run along a riverbank of thorns and brambles and not risk damage to its integrity or waterproofness. It has served so well on its now one-hundred plus outings that I’ve bought the drytop to match – Cherry Bomb red is gorgeous, though I think the new Atomic Blue is pretty snazzy too! 

My Devil’s Club drytop has now seen a significant chunk of action as well, having been used almost daily for the past two months. Even when playboating, besides the expected wrist dampness, an hour session leaves me entirely dry – some parts of the cag still bead! As someone who loves a bit of freestyle, a significant factor in my gear has to be its ability to stay in place while I’m thrashing around, so the sticky waistband on the Devil’s Club is an absolute gamechanger. Seriously, it’s stickier than an unripe jackfruit’s insides! 

Immersion Research Devils Club Dry Top/Dry Cag: Cherry Bomb

As I said before, comparison is crude, but having owned both IR Arch-Rival and 7Figure lines, I can say with a fair bit of confidence that the thicker material of the Devil’s Club range makes a notable difference to their longevity and toughness. Neither of my garments, even after over a year with one of them, are showing any signs of wear. Shy of an absolute catastrophe, I anticipate them both lasting a good few seasons yet!

So, for all the TLDR people who scrolled straight for the conclusion: the IR Devil’s Club range is an incredibly robust solution to your getting wet problem!

The Author

Matthew Brook is a whitewater kayaking coach from the South of England. 

He focuses predominantly on down river freestyle but loves creek boating,  play boating and is happiest any time he can get on the water.