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Every paddler dreams of travelling to whitewater kayaking destinations for a kayaking trip with their friends. However, planning for Whitewater Kayaking trips can be difficult. The logistics can be complicated, beta awkward to find and language barriers to overcome. That is why we are making these guides. We aim to smooth this process as much as possible by providing detailed and un-complicated guides to popular whitewater kayaking destinations around the world. So that’s less time worrying for you and more time paddling!

In each guide, we aim to provide information on how to get to the location, transportation whilst there, accommodation options, locations to visit, rivers to tick off and resources to make your planning as easy as possible.

Whitewater kayaking trips abroad have always seemed to be reserved for the most adventurous and skilled groups of paddlers. But, this does not have to be the case. There is nothing better than travelling around a new country with your friends and exploring beautiful rivers that no non-kayaker will ever be able to see. Rivers of all grades are hidden around the world and we will help you to choose a location that is suitable for your groups abilities and provide resources to reach local coaching and guiding within the country.

A common misconception is that to whitewater kayak abroad you need to be an amazing grade 5 paddler. This just isn’t true. There are rivers for everyone around the world that are waiting to be explored. Go out and explore them!

For what to pack, tips on getting cheap flights and getting boats abroad and more, have a look at our Learn section!

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