3 Steps To Push Yourself To The Next Level Of Kayaking

Another week, another crazy send from Dane Jackson. This guy doesn’t stop…. There’s a reason why he is one of the greatest paddlers of all time. Most people would take one look at Scott’s Drop and start walking… Dane? “Nah, I can cobra that” And the funny thing is, not one person would question it… […]

Freewheel 101: How to Easily Freewheel a Whitewater Kayak

How to freewheel a whitewater kayak

Downriver Freestyle is making a comeback. We’ve covered tailees (aka stern squirts) in a previous newsletter. And also the mistakes to avoid if you want to nail them. Now we want to step things up and get into some real freestyle The kind that makes everyone go DAYYYUM from the bank. Now this is one […]

Ferry Glide: 5 Steps To Effortless Ferries

How to Ferry Glide

Just like a standard Ferry, the Ferry Glide is the act of travelling from one side of a river to another. You start from one Eddy and end up in an eddy on the opposite bank. The idea is to not move downstream at all, or at least very much. Ferry Glide: It’s in the […]

Kayaking Photography 101: Tips to take your Whitewater Photos to the next level.

Second to actually kayaking, there are few things better than epic photos of whitewater. Whitewater Kayaking Photography is a skill that takes time and practice to master. But you can quickly elevate your kayaking photography by making some small changes for some big results. Now by no means do you need a proper camera to […]

6 Easy Steps to Mastering your Tailee

Tailee in a Pyranha Ozone at HPP, Nottingham, whitewater kayaking

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a major shift from creek boats, back to kayaks with a bit of spice. The Half-Slice! (And the full slice too) This opens back up the doors to downriver play. Getting vertical, throwing freewheels and an all-round good time. One of the best and most satisfying moves out […]

7 Tips for unforgettable whitewater kayaking edits

Working on Kayaking Edits

Kayaking edits can be hard. It’s especially difficult to film in the environments we place ourselves in. But when we do… Magic can happen… Tips for Epic Kayaking Edits: Tip #1: Cut to the Chase The hardest videos to watch are the ones where nothing really happens. You sit there for a few minutes as […]

How to Master the Front Loop in a Kayak (In Just 6 Easy Steps!

Kayak Loop

  The front loop is a front flip in your kayak, often thrown in a hole, but can also be thrown downstream as a macho move, or just in flat water. The loop is an integral part of any freestyle kayaker’s playbook and is a core skill before advancing to more technical tricks such as […]

How to Boof a Kayak like a Pro

One of the most important and most commonly used moves in kayaking is the Boof. But what is it? Boofing is the act of pulling yourself over a feature on a river, by pulling your bow up and keeping it on top of the surface of the water. Why do you need to learn to […]

The Ultimate Guide To Whitewater Kayaks

A lot of thought goes into boat design and increasing the performance of whitewater kayaks. Because of this, there are also a lot of confusing terminologies that are thrown around the river bank. This guide will give you an overview of the different aspects of a whitewater kayak and provide you with the information to […]

Top Gift Ideas for Kayakers

Choosing gifts for kayakers can be hard, especially if you don’t kayak yourself. Other blogs on the web that tackle this are made by people who don’t paddle and feature items that just aren’t suitable for anyone. Here is a list of gift ideas for kayakers, that they will actually use and appreciate! Disclaimer: Some […]