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Hello Darkness – Substantial Media House Ep. 10

“Hello Darkness was episode 10 in our 12-part Substantial Media House series. This episode was filmed during the Spring of 2014 in the Pacific Northwest. I was coming off a broken leg from Chile so did most of the filming for this video. Fred was sending hard with all the BOYS and we captured a beautiful time in history when we were young and times were simple! It was so much fun making these videos in a time before internet edits went crazy and there was an over saturation of videos. Please go and check out the whole series on Vimeo if you already haven’t.

We stopped making them because for the amount of work we put in, we were not making any money and as time passed we needed more income. Fred got some awesome free lance video jobs and is still crush that game today and I became the USA Distributor for Waka Kayaks.

Hello Darkness is favorite among Substantial Media House fans this episode was taken off our Vimeo channel due to the intro song.

I Think Youtube is different now with the music and uses it to promote the artists in a time where people no longer buy music.”

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